Hard Ciders

Hand Crafted in the North Fork Valley of Colorado...farmstead proud!

Big B's proudly handcrafts American Farmstead Hard Ciders in small batches using freshly pressed apples, hand picked at the peak of ripeness. Our orchard and tasting room is located in the North Fork Valley on the Western Slope of Colorado's Rocky Mountains.

Orchard Series

Our Orchard Series cans are available throughout the state.  Made from amazing cider apples they are perfect for everyday drinking.

Seasonal Ciders

Our seasonal ciders change frequently and use the best ingredients available to match the feeling and tastes of the season.

Farmhouse Cellar Series

Our Farmhouse Cellar Series are our premium reserve ciders.  Made with the highest quality organic ingredients.  Aged to perfection.

Tasting Room

Come visit us at our orchard tasting room.  Try all of our ciders and see which is your favorite!

Orchard Series Ciders

Harvest Apple

Harvest Apple is hand crafted using a perfect blend of local apples.  It’s a semi-sweet hard cider and has a bold and refreshing apple taste.  
ABV 6.2%    
Available in 12oz cans, 22oz bottles, 1/2, ¼, and 1/6 bbl kegs

Orchard Original

Orchard Original is hand crafted using traditional farmhouse cider making techniques and  is created using fresh pressed local Winesap apples and is the driest hard cider we make.   It starts off with a crisp apple taste and has a smooth dry finish.  
ABV 6.9%    
Available in 12oz cans, 22oz bottles, 1/2, ¼, and 1/6 bbl kegs 

Cherry Daze

Cherry Daze is hand crafted using a creative blend of local cider apples and is infused with local Montmorency Cherries.  Cherry Daze is a crisp semi sweet hard apple cider with a tart cherry flavor. 
ABV 6.2%    
Available in 12oz cans, 22oz bottles, 1/2, ¼, and 1/6 bbl kegs

Lazy Daze Hard Lemonade

Big B’s Hard Lemonade is made by combining our Orchard Original Hard Cider with one of Big B’s most popular selling juices, our Orchard Recipe Lemonade.  It’s a perfect marriage between dry cider, sweet and tart lemonade. Ultra refreshing and amazingly crisp! 
ABV 4.5%    
Available in 12oz cans & 500ml bottles




Farmhouse Cellar Series Ciders

Chester Hoppearcot Hard Cider

Chester Hoppearcot is an amazing combination of local Organic Cider Apples, Pears, Apricots, and Cascade Hops.   Ciders Apples and Pears are pressed together and fermented in the same tank and then aged in the cellar with apricots and hops in the tank, this infuses amazing fruit and floral flavors and aromas.  Chester Hoppearcot is complex; it’s a semi sweet cider, its pear and apple flavors are upstaged by the strong tart apricot flavors and notes of citrus and slightly bitter hops.  
USDA Certified Organic
ABV 6.9%    
Available in 750ml bottle

Pear Supply Hard Cider

Pear Supply artisanal farm house hard cider is a blend of local organic pears and apples, fermented together and bottle conditioned.   Our recipe uses time honored cider making traditions and is cellar aged to perfection.   Pear Supply is semi sweet, the apple and pear combination are well rounded and bursting with ripe pear notes and crisp apple undertones.  
USDA Certified Organic
ABV 6.2%    
Available in 750ml bottle

Grizzly Brand Hard Cider

For over 80 years the Growers Trading and Supply Co. in Hotchkiss Colorado sold millions of lbs of Apples as Grizzly Brand Apples.    Big B’s took over this location in 1973 and to pay homage to the Grizzly Brand we created a Hard Cider with historic roots and time honored traditions.   Grizzly Brand Hard Cider is aged in used bourbon barrels, it’s unfiltered and bottle conditioned.  It’s a crisp and dry cider that’s laced with woody vanilla like tones and finishes with the warmth of fine bourbon. 
USDA Certified Organic
ABV 6.9%    
Available in 750ml bottle

Specialty Ciders

Bourbon Barrel Pommeau

Our Pommeau starts off its journey as local organic Winesap apples, fresh pressed, fermented and cellar aged.  We then have it distilled into a 140 proof apple Eau De Vie, which is then blended back with hard cider and fresh apple juice; it’s then aged in used bourbon barrels for 12 months.  The results are an artistic apple brandy with an amazing blend of apple, vanilla, and smoke.  
USDA Certified Organic
ABV 14%    
Available in 500ml bottle