Big B's Juice, Hard Cider, and Delicious Orchards | Farm House Hard Ciders
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Ciaison Grand Cru
A limited-edition hand crafted with a medley of old world techniques combining Big B’s Farmstead Hard Cider style and a traditional French Saison Yeast.  Made with 100% Organic Colorado West Elk Winesap Apples and fermented with Omega French Saison Yeast, bitter orange peel and coriander seeds.  This one of kind cider is cellar aged to perfection in French Oak Chardonnay Barrels.   Ciaison Grand Cru is a strong dry cider with smooth apple notes and hints of tropical fruit from nose to finish.
Grizzly Brand
Bourbon barrel aged hard cider, is unfiltered and bottle conditioned.  A crisp, dry cider that’s laced with woody vanilla like tones and finishes with the warmth of a fine bourbon.
Chester Hoppearcot
An amazing combination of local organic apples, pears, apricots, and Cascade Hops.   It’s complex; it’s an off dry cider, with pear and apple flavors that are slightly upstaged by the strong and tart apricot, finishing with notes of citrus and hops.
Pear Supply
Artisanal farmhouse hard cider is a blend of local organic pears and apples, fermented together and bottle conditioned.   Our recipe uses time honored cider making traditions and is cellar aged to perfection.   Pear Supply is semi sweet and tart.  The apple and pear combination are well rounded and bursting with ripe pear notes and crisp apple undertones.