Big B's Juice, Hard Cider, and Delicious Orchards | Seasonal Hard Ciders
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Awesome Sauce
a traditional apple blend fermented with blood oranges and a French Saison Yeast. This cider is off dry with evenly balanced flavors. Awesome Sauce starts off with the slightly tart taste of Blood oranges and bold apple notes and finishes with hint of Saison yeast character. We’ve been told this cider has Chug-ability, just remember to chug responsibly!
A Farmhouse Style Hard Cider that’s just fresh pressed organic Apples, and fermented wild, no sugar, no sulfites, and no fooling! Hard Cider made the way it’s been made for, well, forever!
One Night Fruit Stand
Dried Cherries and Apricots were cellar aged together with a traditional farmhouse style Winesap Hard Cider and wild yeast for well over a year. It’s perceived as dry, effervescent and tart with hints of cherry and apricot.
Peach Pickin’ Time
A semi-sweet hard cider made with Organic Delicious orchards peaches. This seasonal hard apple cider is bursting with fresh peach flavors and aromas. Nothing says the taste and feeling of summer like Paonia Peaches!